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Poultry confinement building insured by Agribusiness Risk Underwriters

Poultry Confinement Insurance

Poultry Express is a unique insurance product, specifically built to address the insurance needs of contract poultry growers.

Poultry Express is designed to deliver LOW COST insurance, with affordable coverage available for poultry houses of ANY AGE.

Poultry Express provides the exact foundational coverage poultry farmers need, including Loss of Income and Generator Mechanical Breakdown, but with none of the extra fluff that adds unnecessary cost.

Unique Poultry Express Features:

Poultry Houses of ANY age

Many farm owners with aging poultry houses find insurance coverage difficult and expensive to obtain, if it is even available at all.  Poultry Express is available and affordable for poultry houses of any age.

No Insurance-to-Value Clause

Most insurance policies require an assessment of insurance-to-value at the time of a claim, which can lead to a penalty and a reduction in the amount of compensation a customer receives.  Poultry Express waives the insurance-to-value assessment at claim time, eliminating this concern.

Loss of Income Protection

Poultry houses on a contract poultry farm generate vital revenue for the families that own, operate, and live on the farms.  Loss of Income coverage is a critical insurance component to protect against the loss of this revenue from a catastrophe such as a fire or tornado.

Generator Mechanical  Breakdown

Every modern poultry farm relies on a standby generator to keep the ventilation systems running when the main power to the farm is interrupted.  But what about if the generator suffers a mechanical breakdown?  Poultry Express includes protection for this risk.

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Poultry Express is available to any licensed P&C producer, whether you seek insurance for one poultry farm customer or many.  


The process to get a quote is EASY and FAST, with a streamlined QUICK QUOTE process. 

  1. Enter your email above and get the QUICK QUOTE request form.

  2. Complete the form and follow the directions to e-mail it to us.

  3. We will be back to you promptly, usually the SAME DAY you submit the quote request.  


Please note Poultry Express is only available through licensed insurance professionals. We are happy to offer you a quote through your existing insurance relationship.


Simply download the form and email it to your current insurance provider. The form contains instructions for your broker to send the quote request to us, and we will be pleased to respond promptly.

Looking for a more comprehensive product? Check out Poultry Plus - our full coverage option.

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