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Cotton Gin Insurance

Cancelled or non-renewed cotton gin policy due to class of business? Flex provides the coverage you need and can not get anywhere else. 

Crane lifting cotton out of a large cotton storage bin
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Flex provides property only coverage without being limited to low TIV ceilings like the majority of our competitors. We take an educational approach to covering cotton gins, seed warehouses, and other associated structures. Flex also has the ability to provide coverage for the much needed and often overlooked, business income and extra expense.

Loss Control

Our dedication to loss control technology and research sets us apart from the rest because the least expensive loss is the one that was prevented. We empower our policyholders with Loss Control Engineers that work hand in hand to educate in prevention and mitigate losses.

3 cotton gins side by side in a factory that is insured by Agribusiness Risk Underwriters
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