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Poultry Confinement Insurance


92% of Contract Poultry Growers are underinsured and could not recover from a major disaster. Every year family poultry farms go bankrupt because of some sort of catastrophic event after which they realized their insurance programs were woefully insufficient. Poultry Plus is the insurance package policy you need with coverage for the entire farm and poultry houses of ANY age. Learn more about our coverage below and protect yourself when disaster strikes!


Poultry Plus Provides Coverage For:

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Looking for coverage without all the bells and whistles? Check out Poultry Express.

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Comprehensive, Flexible,

and Affordable

  • Package policy, with coverage for the entire farm: Poultry Houses, generators, mobile equipment, barns/sheds, dwellings, and Liability.

  • Coverage available for Poultry Houses of any age, as long as in good repair and updated.

  • Discounts available for superior construction style, accounts with excellent loss history, and accounts with premiums over $10,000.

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The Basic Protection All Contract Growers Need

  • Replacement cost

  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown

  • Loss of Farm Income coverage, with no monthly limitation

  • Extended Liability protection: Farm and Personal Liability, Farm Employers Liability, Pollution Liability, Virus Transmission Liability, Poultry Grower Services for Hire Liability

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Proprietary Coverage Developed Just for Contract Poultry Growers

  • Avian Influenza, Newcastle Disease, and Laryngotracheitis

  • Temporary Farm Labor Expense in the event the Farm Owner is injured

  • Integrator failure to pick up birds, provide feed, and/or provide replacement birds.

  • Integrator-required upfits and additions

  • Integrator Bankruptcy

  • Loss of Utility Services

  • Poultry House Replacement Bedding

  • Grading and Backfilling Expense

  • And Much More!

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