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Poultry Confinement Webinar on 4/26/22

You're invited to our Poultry Confinement Webinar! Join us as we discuss successes, opportunities, challenges, and trends in poultry confinement insurance.

Please click the button below to register.

Our webinar will cover the latest Poultry Confinement updates and news including:

  • Recent Poultry Express and Poultry Plus new business successes

  • Impacts of the Avian Influenza outbreak

  • Benefits and case studies of ARU's proprietary Poultry Specialty Coverage

  • Industry news about poultry house replacement costs due to changes in lumber prices

  • Case study: Texas wildfires

  • Loss Control examples and mitigation

Registration is REQUIRED so don't forget to sign up by clicking the red button above.



Will Johnson

CEO & Founder of ARU

Historically, Poultry Confinement buildings are some of the toughest risks to place, especially as they get older. There are very few markets that are consistent, competitive, and accessible to most insurance producers. ARU is an industry leader specializing in poultry confinement insurance. Our innovative research and technology driven solutions are the answer to this underserved market.


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