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Heatwave Incoming 🔥 Prepare Your Insureds!

With a massive heat wave sweeping across the US this week, generator preparedness is more important than ever. Excessive heat can lead to blackouts or brownouts and it is essential that a plan is in place BEFORE these issues arise

Map showing the soaring temperatures across the US from Monday to Saturday

Here are the top 7 questions your insureds should be asking themselves as temperatures rise:

  1. Has your generator been serviced recently?

  2. Do you have a backup generator in case your main generator goes down?

  3. What is your plan?

  4. Is your integrator aware of the heat coming?

  5. Do you need to adjust your programming to get more ventilation?

  6. Have you checked your pumps and water supply?

  7. Have you swapped out your water filters recently?

Remember: the most inexpensive loss is one that was avoided. Check in with your insureds or send them this link to make sure they are prepared for this heatwave!

Generator with a thermostat depicting extreme temperatures next to it


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