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6 Tips to Prepare for Natural Disasters

Violent weather is a year round threat. With tornados in the spring, fires and flooding in the summer, hurricanes in the fall, and snow and hail in the winter, there are a myriad of severe weather events that can cause great harm and losses in the farm / ag sphere. Natural disasters can strike with little to no warning so preparation is key in maintaining safety and reducing losses.

Here are 6 quick tips to help prepare for mother nature at her worst.

  • Organize emergency telephone numbers (police department, fire department, etc.)

  • Know evacuation routes

  • Have address/directions to your location ready in case you need to call for help

  • Make sure there is extra fuel for the generator

  • Check generators regularly throughout the year to ensure they work properly

  • Ensure you have food and water to carry on operations if there are disruptions

  • Check all buildings and structures and batten down the hatches

  • Know how much feed, livestock, equipment, etc. you have for insurance purposes

DO NOT wait until disaster strikes to find out you are insufficiently covered.

Did you know that 92% of Contract Poultry Growers are underinsured and could not recover from a major disaster? Every year family poultry farms go bankrupt because of some sort of catastrophic event after which they realized their insurance programs were woefully insufficient. Do not let this happen to you. Make sure to prepare your farm AND your insurance for disasters.

Download our checklist below and send to your insureds to help them prepare!

PrepareforDisaster (1)
Download PDF • 5.26MB

Schedule a discovery call to learn more about ARU and the insurance coverages we offer.

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