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5 Reasons for Farm Insurance Producers and Brokerages to Get Contracted with ARU

1. Consistent and Reliable Farm / Ag Market 2. Solutions for "Historically challenging" Farm / Ag Accounts 3. $15M TIV Limits 4. Competitive Commissions 5. Niche Expertise

Agribusiness Risk Underwriters (ARU) has quickly risen among the ranks of farm insurance providers to become a leader in the industry, delivering a unique value proposition to farm insurance producers and wholesale brokerages. While more and more companies exit the Farm / Ag sector due to their lack of success, ARU has grown exponentially. As two time winners of the Triad Business Journal’s Fast 50 Award - an award for the fastest growing businesses in the Triad region - ranked #9 in 2021 and #25 in 2022 - ARU is a company you should have on your radar as a farm insurance producer or wholesaler.

Below are the top 5 reasons for farm insurance producers or brokerages to get contracted with ARU.

1. ARU is a consistent market in the Farm / Ag sector.

Slam shut the revolving door of Farm and Ag carriers and open your arms to ARU. ARU has invested millions of dollars in research and development, proprietary products, technology, and loss control. Unlike most companies in the industry that have Farm and Ag as only one notch on their belt of Auto, Home, Health, and Business coverages, ARU specializes in Farm and Agribusiness insurance ALONE.

This niche expertise and dedication to innovation has proven successful. ARU doubled in employee count in 2022 and is not slowing down in 2023. If you want a company that you do not have to worry about cancelling or non-renewing your entire book of farm business - Agribusiness Risk Underwriters is your solution. And if your book has recently been non-renewed or cancelled by your previous insurance provider, ARU is also your solution.

2. ARU serves a wide variety of Farm / Ag accounts deemed “historically challenging.”

Collage of 4 pictures: a poultry confinement house, a cotton gin, two warehouses, and a hog confinement facility.

Poultry Confinement of any age, Cotton Gins, Hog Confinement, Grain Elevators, Agricultural Processing, Commodity Storage, and other challenging classes of business have been deemed unprofitable and denied coverage by many companies in the Farm / Ag sphere.

This is where ARU stands alone. ARU specializes in “hard to place” risks and welcomes them wholeheartedly. ARU was originally founded to provide comprehensive solutions for the poultry confinement industry (Poultry Express, Poultry Plus), but after seeing so many other classes of business in the agricultural sphere struggle to find coverage, ARU expanded its product offerings (Flex). And we are just getting started! ARU serves practically any manner of property risk that is associated with farming or agribusiness.

3. ARU offers $15M TIV limits.

Total insured value (TIV) refers to the sum of the full value of the insured's covered property, business income values, and any other covered property interests. The higher the TIV, the less desirable risks are to most companies since losses are significantly more costly. This results in limited options for larger-scale agribusiness.

ARU offers THREE TIMES the TIV limits most of our competitors are offering. Say goodbye to the frustration of splitting and layering programs to find coverage for your clients. ARU will take the whole risk (up to $15M TIV) and save you and your clients the hassle of piecing together an insurance solution.

4. Competitive commissions

Not only does Agribusiness Risk Underwriters widen the potential of new business leads by offering protection you can not get anywhere else in the agricultural sector, ARU also offers highly competitive commissions to insurance producers and wholesale brokerages that are contracted.

ARU is committed to providing the best insurance solutions in the Farm / Ag sphere, and recognizes the important role that insurance producers and wholesale brokerages play in delivering solutions to these clients. By partnering with ARU, producers can offer their clients access to the best agricultural insurance products on the market while also benefiting from the support and expertise of a trusted industry leader.

5. We have a whole team of experts!

To ensure ARU is delivering the highest quality service to our clients, our underwriters are experts in the Farm / Ag sphere. Our team members possess a deep understanding of the unique risks and challenges facing the agricultural industry, as well as the specific needs of farmers and agribusiness owners.

By partnering with a company that employs specialists, insurance producers have a significant advantage - they have access to a team of professionals who can provide guidance and support on a wide range of agricultural issues.

ARU has worked hard to develop its reputation as an industry leader in the Farm / Ag sector and we would love the opportunity to talk more with you about what we can offer you as an insurance producer or as a brokerage.

Schedule a call today to discuss your risks and learn more about getting contracted!


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