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North and South Carolina Poultry, Farm, Ranch, & Agribusiness Insurance

North Carolina and South Carolina boast a rich agricultural heritage and are leading agricultural states in the country. In fact, both North and South Carolina are large producers of broiler chickens and eggs and are top 10 pork-producing states.

Agribusiness Risk Underwriters (ARU) specializes in providing insurance protection to farmers and agribusiness professionals in the Carolinas and beyond. From Charleston to Raleigh and all the countryside in between, learn why ARU is a top insurance solution for North and South Carolina.

Insurance Solutions

As other markets continue to tighten and reduce capacities, Agribusiness Risk Underwriters is wide open for business with more capacity and a broader appetite. ARU specializes in the "hard-to-place" Farm / Ag niche, providing coverage for risks deemed historically challenging by the standard market. Utilizing professionals in the agriculture space, from engineers to electricians, ARU collaborates with policyholders to proactively minimize loss exposure.

Poultry Express Logo

While other carriers may get their feathers ruffled by poultry accounts, Agribusiness Risk Underwriters is a solutions-oriented company built to say "we can find a way to make it work."

Poultry Express delivers low-cost and comprehensive coverage to poultry houses of ANY AGE. Policies include the exact foundational coverage farmers need such as Loss of Income and Generator Mechanical breakdown, but with none of the extraneous features that drive up costs.

Poultry Express is a trusted and stable insurance solution for poultry farmers in the Carolinas and beyond. Contact us today to learn more.

Poultry Plus Logo

Poultry Plus was designed from
the ground up to address the unique needs of contract poultry farmers. Poultry Plus provides a comprehensive insurance solution for the ENTIRE farm including:


  • Poultry houses

  • Generators

  • Mobile equipment

  • Barns & Sheds

  • Dwellings

  • Liability

  • Loss of Income

  • Expansive Disease Protection (includes Avian Influenza)

Say goodbye to the generic farm insurance policies offered by other companies and say hello to a specialized insurance solution for the poultry niche.

Flex Logo

Don't let canceled or non-renewed stop you from writing policy. Flex specializes in insuring "hard-to-place" Farm / Ag accounts with TIV limits of $15 million.


"Hard-to-place" may mean any reason that takes the risk out of the standard market. Learn which types of accounts qualify for Flex below.

  • ​Cotton Gins

  • Feed Mills

  • Grain Elevators

  • Hog Confinement

  • Agricultural Processing

  • Wineries

  • Greenhouses

  • Egg Laying & Processing

  • Warehouses

  • And so much more!

2 poultry confinement buildings on a farm with cows grazing in the pasture

We would be delighted to talk to insurance producers who are interested in learning more about our insurance products. Please select a time that is convenient for you to discuss our offerings.

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