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Farm in Arkansas at sunset. There is a white barn with a large weather vane and silos.

Arkansas Poultry, Farm, Ranch, & Agribusiness Insurance

Farming and agriculture play a significant role in Arkansas's economy, generating over $21 billion in economic activity and employing nearly 260,000 people. Agribusinesses in the state range from small family farms to large-scale commercial operations and encompass everything from crop production and livestock farming to food processing and distribution.

Agribusiness Risk Underwriters (ARU) specializes in providing insurance solutions for the unique risks and challenges that come with farming in Arkansas. Our experienced team provides customized coverage for poultry, farm, ranch, and agribusiness operations.

Insurance Solutions

Agribusiness Risk Underwriters is a leading provider of insurance solutions for historically challenging classes of business, including poultry and hog confinement, grain elevators, cotton gins, and commodity processing, among others. We are a trusted partner for farmers and ranchers in Arkansas and beyond, offering customized coverage to protect against the unique risks of the agricultural industry. As a solutions-oriented company, we take pride in our ability to say yes when other markets have declined coverage, providing our clients with reliable and comprehensive insurance protection.

Poultry Express Logo

Poultry Express is designed to deliver low cost insurance to poultry houses of ANY AGE with affordable coverage.


Poultry Express includes comprehensive coverages such as:

  • Loss of Income

  • Generator Mechanical Breakdown

Poultry Express is streamlined and efficient, ensuring that licensed insurance producers can offer their customers a specialized and low-cost poultry farm insurance product. No minimum volume commitment required.

Poultry Plus Logo

Poultry Plus offers complete coverage, providing protection for all aspects of the farm such as:

  • Poultry Houses 

  • Generators

  • Mobile Equipment

  • Barns/sheds

  • Dwellings

  • Liability

  • Loss of Income 

  • Poultry Specialty Endorsement

    • Covers Avian Influenza

The cost of this comprehensive coverage is comparable or even lower than that of our competitors, due to our close collaboration with policyholders to identify and manage high-risk factors.

Flex Logo

Flex is your property-only insurance solution for "hard-to-place," Farm / Ag accounts such as:

  • ​Cotton Gins

  • Seed Warehouses

  • Grain Elevators

  • Livestock Confinement

  • Meat Processing

  • Commodity Storage

  • Agricultural Processing

  • and so much more!

Flex is an ideal option for accounts that have been cancelled or non-renewed due to class, previous losses, or other risk factors. With $15M TIV limits, Flex has the capacity and expertise you need for Farm and Agribusiness accounts. 

Multiple farm buildings on a farm including silos, barns, grain elevators, and sheds

If you are an insurance producer interested in learning more about our insurance products, we would love to discuss our offerings with you. Kindly choose a convenient time that suits your schedule for us to have a discussion.

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